Our team has extensive experience in the public and non-profit sectors, including Fortune 500, governmental and non-profit websites.

Jocelyn Munroe


Jocelyn Munroe is a software engineer who has developed full-functioned applications for businesses from managed healthcare to foster youth tracking to auto repair. A data geek, lover of logic puzzles and believer in the beauty of order, her passion is using technical tools to solve human problems. She has started several successful companies including a 4GL programming business, a book publishing company and interactive web development for large non profits. Ms. Munroe is a cum laude grad in Business/MIS from CSUS.

Shayan Aliyari

UI Programmer

Shayan Aliyari is a Web Development and UI Design professional with over 4 years experience in web design, front-end development and strategy, including outstanding project and client management skills. When he’s not spending the early hours of the morning in coffee shops coding, he stays at home and codes.

Michael Graf


Michael has been working in the software industry in varying roles for most of his adult life. He enjoys solving problems and creating applications that are user friendly. Whenever possible, he loves to go to art museums, travel internationally and loves to get outdoors to play golf. He constantly strives to be as good as his dog thinks he is. Michael has a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly SLO.

Alina Gaynaliy

Account Manager

Alina is a business management major, sudoku expert, and an animal-lover. She has over three years of experience in customer support and is fluent in four languages. She constantly strives to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. She loves traveling, hiking, and in her spare time, she really enjoys writing about herself in the third person.

Stacy Hollingsworth

Project Manager

Stacy Hollingsworth is a project manager with years of experience in the nonprofit world. She focuses on implementing efficient processes that lead to successful outcomes and satisfied customers. In her spare time, she enjoys creative endeavors, immersing herself in other cultures, and making the world a better place. Ms. Hollingsworth earned a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Nonprofit Management Certificate from the Center for Nonprofit Management, and a PMP from the Project Management Institute.

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